typedef struct _ARBITER_INSTANCE                                                                       // 37 elements, 0x138 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x000*/     ULONG32      Signature;
/*0x004*/     UINT8        _PADDING0_[0x4];
/*0x008*/     struct _KEVENT* MutexEvent;
/*0x010*/     UINT16*      Name;
/*0x018*/     INT32        ResourceType;
/*0x01C*/     UINT8        _PADDING1_[0x4];
/*0x020*/     struct _RTL_RANGE_LIST* Allocation;
/*0x028*/     struct _RTL_RANGE_LIST* PossibleAllocation;
/*0x030*/     struct _ARBITER_ORDERING_LIST OrderingList;                                                        // 3 elements, 0x10 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x040*/     struct _ARBITER_ORDERING_LIST ReservedList;                                                        // 3 elements, 0x10 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x050*/     LONG32       ReferenceCount;
/*0x054*/     UINT8        _PADDING2_[0x4];
/*0x058*/     struct _ARBITER_INTERFACE* Interface;
/*0x060*/     ULONG32      AllocationStackMaxSize;
/*0x064*/     UINT8        _PADDING3_[0x4];
/*0x068*/     struct _ARBITER_ALLOCATION_STATE* AllocationStack;
/*0x070*/     PVOID UnpackRequirement;
/*0x078*/     PVOID PackResource;
/*0x080*/     PVOID UnpackResource;
/*0x088*/     PVOID ScoreRequirement;
/*0x090*/     PVOID TestAllocation;
/*0x098*/     PVOID RetestAllocation;
/*0x0A0*/     PVOID CommitAllocation;
/*0x0A8*/     PVOID RollbackAllocation;
/*0x0B0*/     PVOID BootAllocation;
/*0x0B8*/     PVOID QueryArbitrate;
/*0x0C0*/     PVOID QueryConflict;
/*0x0C8*/     PVOID AddReserved;
/*0x0D0*/     PVOID StartArbiter;
/*0x0D8*/     PVOID PreprocessEntry;
/*0x0E0*/     PVOID AllocateEntry;
/*0x0E8*/     PVOID GetNextAllocationRange;
/*0x0F0*/     PVOID FindSuitableRange;
/*0x0F8*/     PVOID AddAllocation;
/*0x100*/     PVOID BacktrackAllocation;
/*0x108*/     PVOID OverrideConflict;
/*0x110*/     UINT8        TransactionInProgress;
/*0x111*/     UINT8        _PADDING4_[0x7];
/*0x118*/     VOID*        Extension;
/*0x120*/     struct _DEVICE_OBJECT* BusDeviceObject;
/*0x128*/     VOID*        ConflictCallbackContext;
/*0x130*/     PVOID ConflictCallback;
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