typedef struct _SYSTEM_POWER_POLICY                // 28 elements, 0xE8 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x000*/     ULONG32      Revision;
/*0x004*/     struct _POWER_ACTION_POLICY PowerButton;       // 3 elements, 0xC bytes (sizeof)
/*0x010*/     struct _POWER_ACTION_POLICY SleepButton;       // 3 elements, 0xC bytes (sizeof)
/*0x01C*/     struct _POWER_ACTION_POLICY LidClose;          // 3 elements, 0xC bytes (sizeof)
/*0x028*/     enum _SYSTEM_POWER_STATE LidOpenWake;
/*0x02C*/     ULONG32      Reserved;
/*0x030*/     struct _POWER_ACTION_POLICY Idle;              // 3 elements, 0xC bytes (sizeof)
/*0x03C*/     ULONG32      IdleTimeout;
/*0x040*/     UINT8        IdleSensitivity;
/*0x041*/     UINT8        DynamicThrottle;
/*0x042*/     UINT8        Spare2[2];
/*0x044*/     enum _SYSTEM_POWER_STATE MinSleep;
/*0x048*/     enum _SYSTEM_POWER_STATE MaxSleep;
/*0x04C*/     enum _SYSTEM_POWER_STATE ReducedLatencySleep;
/*0x050*/     ULONG32      WinLogonFlags;
/*0x054*/     ULONG32      Spare3;
/*0x058*/     ULONG32      DozeS4Timeout;
/*0x05C*/     ULONG32      BroadcastCapacityResolution;
/*0x060*/     struct _SYSTEM_POWER_LEVEL DischargePolicy[4];
/*0x0C0*/     ULONG32      VideoTimeout;
/*0x0C4*/     UINT8        VideoDimDisplay;
/*0x0C5*/     UINT8        _PADDING0_[0x3];
/*0x0C8*/     ULONG32      VideoReserved[3];
/*0x0D4*/     ULONG32      SpindownTimeout;
/*0x0D8*/     UINT8        OptimizeForPower;
/*0x0D9*/     UINT8        FanThrottleTolerance;
/*0x0DA*/     UINT8        ForcedThrottle;
/*0x0DB*/     UINT8        MinThrottle;
/*0x0DC*/     struct _POWER_ACTION_POLICY OverThrottled;     // 3 elements, 0xC bytes (sizeof)
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