typedef struct _PCW_PROCESSOR_INFO    // 19 elements, 0x80 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x000*/     UINT64       IdleTime;
/*0x008*/     UINT64       AvailableTime;
/*0x010*/     UINT64       UserTime;
/*0x018*/     UINT64       KernelTime;
/*0x020*/     ULONG32      Interrupts;
/*0x024*/     UINT8        _PADDING0_[0x4];
/*0x028*/     UINT64       DpcTime;
/*0x030*/     UINT64       InterruptTime;
/*0x038*/     ULONG32      DpcCount;
/*0x03C*/     ULONG32      DpcRate;
/*0x040*/     UINT64       C1Time;
/*0x048*/     UINT64       C2Time;
/*0x050*/     UINT64       C3Time;
/*0x058*/     UINT64       C1Transitions;
/*0x060*/     UINT64       C2Transitions;
/*0x068*/     UINT64       C3Transitions;
/*0x070*/     ULONG32      ParkingStatus;
/*0x074*/     ULONG32      CurrentFrequency;
/*0x078*/     ULONG32      PercentMaxFrequency;
/*0x07C*/     ULONG32      StateFlags;
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