typedef struct _WHEA_ERROR_PACKET_V2                // 16 elements, 0x50 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x000*/     ULONG32      Signature;
/*0x004*/     ULONG32      Version;
/*0x008*/     ULONG32      Length;
/*0x00C*/     union _WHEA_ERROR_PACKET_FLAGS Flags;           // 8 elements, 0x4 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x010*/     enum _WHEA_ERROR_TYPE ErrorType;
/*0x014*/     enum _WHEA_ERROR_SEVERITY ErrorSeverity;
/*0x018*/     ULONG32      ErrorSourceId;
/*0x01C*/     enum _WHEA_ERROR_SOURCE_TYPE ErrorSourceType;
/*0x020*/     struct _GUID NotifyType;                        // 4 elements, 0x10 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x030*/     UINT64       Context;
/*0x038*/     enum _WHEA_ERROR_PACKET_DATA_FORMAT DataFormat;
/*0x03C*/     ULONG32      Reserved1;
/*0x040*/     ULONG32      DataOffset;
/*0x044*/     ULONG32      DataLength;
/*0x048*/     ULONG32      PshedDataOffset;
/*0x04C*/     ULONG32      PshedDataLength;
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