typedef struct _MI_PAGEFILE_TRACES      // 9 elements, 0x68 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x000*/     LONG32       Status;
/*0x004*/     UINT8        Priority;
/*0x005*/     UINT8        IrpPriority;
/*0x006*/     UINT8        _PADDING0_[0x2];
/*0x008*/     union _LARGE_INTEGER CurrentTime;   // 4 elements, 0x8 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x010*/     UINT64       AvailablePages;
/*0x018*/     UINT64       ModifiedPagesTotal;
/*0x020*/     UINT64       ModifiedPagefilePages;
/*0x028*/     UINT64       ModifiedNoWritePages;
              struct                              // 2 elements, 0x38 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x030*/         struct _MDL  Mdl;               // 8 elements, 0x30 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x060*/         UINT64       Page[1];
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