typedef struct _WHEA_ERROR_PACKET                            // 16 elements, 0x119 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x000*/     ULONG32      Signature;
/*0x004*/     ULONG32      Flags;
/*0x008*/     UINT64       Size;
/*0x010*/     UINT64       RawDataLength;
/*0x018*/     UINT64       Context;
/*0x020*/     enum _WHEA_ERROR_TYPE ErrorType;
/*0x024*/     enum _WHEA_ERROR_SEVERITY ErrorSeverity;
/*0x028*/     ULONG32      ErrorSourceId;
/*0x02C*/     enum _WHEA_ERROR_SOURCE_TYPE ErrorSourceType;
/*0x030*/     ULONG32      Reserved1;
/*0x034*/     ULONG32      Version;
/*0x038*/     UINT64       Cpu;
              union                                                    // 6 elements, 0xD0 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x040*/         struct _WHEA_GENERIC_PROCESSOR_ERROR ProcessorError; // 15 elements, 0xC0 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x040*/         struct _WHEA_MEMORY_ERROR MemoryError;               // 16 elements, 0x50 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x040*/         struct _WHEA_NMI_ERROR NmiError;                     // 1 elements, 0x8 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x040*/         struct _WHEA_PCIEXPRESS_ERROR PciExpressError;       // 10 elements, 0xD0 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x040*/         struct _WHEA_PCIX_BUS_ERROR PciXBusError;            // 11 elements, 0x48 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x040*/         struct _WHEA_PCIX_DEVICE_ERROR PciXDeviceError;      // 6 elements, 0x68 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x110*/     enum _WHEA_ERROR_STATUS_FORMAT RawDataFormat;
/*0x114*/     ULONG32      Reserved2;
/*0x118*/     UINT8        RawData[1];
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