typedef struct _HEAP_COUNTERS              // 18 elements, 0x60 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x000*/     UINT64       TotalMemoryReserved;
/*0x008*/     UINT64       TotalMemoryCommitted;
/*0x010*/     UINT64       TotalMemoryLargeUCR;
/*0x018*/     UINT64       TotalSizeInVirtualBlocks;
/*0x020*/     ULONG32      TotalSegments;
/*0x024*/     ULONG32      TotalUCRs;
/*0x028*/     ULONG32      CommittOps;
/*0x02C*/     ULONG32      DeCommitOps;
/*0x030*/     ULONG32      LockAcquires;
/*0x034*/     ULONG32      LockCollisions;
/*0x038*/     ULONG32      CommitRate;
/*0x03C*/     ULONG32      DecommittRate;
/*0x040*/     ULONG32      CommitFailures;
/*0x044*/     ULONG32      InBlockCommitFailures;
/*0x048*/     ULONG32      CompactHeapCalls;
/*0x04C*/     ULONG32      CompactedUCRs;
/*0x050*/     ULONG32      InBlockDeccommits;
/*0x054*/     UINT8        _PADDING0_[0x4];
/*0x058*/     UINT64       InBlockDeccomitSize;
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