typedef struct _LOADER_PARAMETER_EXTENSION                  // 24 elements, 0xC8 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x000*/     ULONG32      Size;
/*0x004*/     struct _PROFILE_PARAMETER_BLOCK Profile;                // 6 elements, 0x10 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x014*/     ULONG32      MajorVersion;
/*0x018*/     ULONG32      MinorVersion;
/*0x01C*/     UINT8        _PADDING0_[0x4];
/*0x020*/     VOID*        EmInfFileImage;
/*0x028*/     ULONG32      EmInfFileSize;
/*0x02C*/     UINT8        _PADDING1_[0x4];
/*0x030*/     VOID*        TriageDumpBlock;
/*0x038*/     UINT64       LoaderPagesSpanned;
/*0x040*/     struct _HEADLESS_LOADER_BLOCK* HeadlessLoaderBlock;
/*0x048*/     struct _SMBIOS_TABLE_HEADER* SMBiosEPSHeader;
/*0x050*/     VOID*        DrvDBImage;
/*0x058*/     ULONG32      DrvDBSize;
/*0x05C*/     UINT8        _PADDING2_[0x4];
/*0x060*/     struct _NETWORK_LOADER_BLOCK* NetworkLoaderBlock;
/*0x068*/     struct _LIST_ENTRY FirmwareDescriptorListHead;          // 2 elements, 0x10 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x078*/     VOID*        AcpiTable;
/*0x080*/     ULONG32      AcpiTableSize;
              struct                                                  // 2 elements, 0x4 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x084*/         ULONG32      BootViaWinload : 1;                    // 0 BitPosition
/*0x084*/         ULONG32      Reserved : 31;                         // 1 BitPosition
/*0x088*/     struct _LOADER_PERFORMANCE_DATA* LoaderPerformanceData;
/*0x090*/     struct _LIST_ENTRY BootApplicationPersistentData;       // 2 elements, 0x10 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x0A0*/     VOID*        WmdTestResult;
/*0x0A8*/     struct _GUID BootIdentifier;                            // 4 elements, 0x10 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x0B8*/     ULONG32      ResumePages;
/*0x0BC*/     UINT8        _PADDING3_[0x4];
/*0x0C0*/     VOID*        DumpHeader;
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