typedef struct _DEVICE_OBJECT                        // 25 elements, 0xB8 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x000*/     INT16        Type;
/*0x002*/     UINT16       Size;
/*0x004*/     LONG32       ReferenceCount;
/*0x008*/     struct _DRIVER_OBJECT* DriverObject;
/*0x00C*/     struct _DEVICE_OBJECT* NextDevice;
/*0x010*/     struct _DEVICE_OBJECT* AttachedDevice;
/*0x014*/     struct _IRP* CurrentIrp;
/*0x018*/     struct _IO_TIMER* Timer;
/*0x01C*/     ULONG32      Flags;
/*0x020*/     ULONG32      Characteristics;
/*0x024*/     struct _VPB* Vpb;
/*0x028*/     VOID*        DeviceExtension;
/*0x02C*/     ULONG32      DeviceType;
/*0x030*/     CHAR         StackSize;
/*0x031*/     UINT8        _PADDING0_[0x3];
              union                                            // 2 elements, 0x28 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x034*/         struct _LIST_ENTRY ListEntry;                // 2 elements, 0x8 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x034*/         struct _WAIT_CONTEXT_BLOCK Wcb;              // 7 elements, 0x28 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x05C*/     ULONG32      AlignmentRequirement;
/*0x060*/     struct _KDEVICE_QUEUE DeviceQueue;               // 5 elements, 0x14 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x074*/     struct _KDPC Dpc;                                // 9 elements, 0x20 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x094*/     ULONG32      ActiveThreadCount;
/*0x098*/     VOID*        SecurityDescriptor;
/*0x09C*/     struct _KEVENT DeviceLock;                       // 1 elements, 0x10 bytes (sizeof)
/*0x0AC*/     UINT16       SectorSize;
/*0x0AE*/     UINT16       Spare1;
/*0x0B0*/     struct _DEVOBJ_EXTENSION* DeviceObjectExtension;
/*0x0B4*/     VOID*        Reserved;
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